Asparagus Cheese Sandwich

Serves 4

1 Large Ripe Tomato
1 lb. Thin, Cooked Asparagus ( Thick asparagus or a 15 oz. Can of Asparagus may be substituted)
4 Large or 8 Small slices of Fontina, Sharp Cheddar or Muenster Cheese
Mustard of your choice

Cut Tomato into Thin Slices
Lightly Toast the Bread on one side

To Assemble:
Spread the Un-toasted side of the bread with Mustard
Top each slice with a Layer of Asparagus, a Layer of Tomato, and a Slice of Cheese cut as closely as possible to the shape of the Bread
Broil until the Cheese melts and begins to brown (2-3 minutes)
Serve warm

Adapted from Jay Harlow, The Art of the Sandwich