Comfort Foods and Indulgences

brownies.adhocLevi has been begging for brownies. I had to honor his wish. Upon walking up to my large bookcase that holds my vast collection of cook books, it was Ad Hoc at Home that jumped out at me. I turned to the back of the book and I instantly opened the page to the brownies.  I had no choice. Along with laundry, preparing my meals for the week, brownies had become part of my Sunday morning routine.

Brownies are effortless. One bowl, few ingredients, a pan of some sort, and a short baking time. Unlike cookies, where every seven minutes you have to rotate the sheets, scoop and drop your batter, brownies are the equivalent to a one pot dish.

I have made a lot of brownies in my day, but these are not only super moist, but light and fudgy all at the same time.  So, I say thank you to Levi for making me cook from this book that I don’t nearly use enough and for sharing your smile when you walked into the kitchen that morning, bed hair and all!

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ImageA hot breakfast is a smart way to begin the day. But it can take too much time to prepare. Because they're already cooked, left-over mashed potatoes are a quick and easy way to make a nutritious breakfast.

For dinner last Sunday, we had a Caesar salad made with frisee instead of romaine and roast pork (porchetta) flavored with Italian parsley, garlic and onions. Garlic mashed potatoes and roasted whole tomatoes were the sides. A plate of cut up cara cara oranges and a custard with crystallized ginger and orange juice finished the meal. All in all, dinner was very satisfying.

The next day, the refrigerator was the beneficiary of Sunday's dinner. Considering what was left-over, we were looking at a succession of meals we could have during the week.

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gracie_9_weeks_old.jpgLittle Gracie had been feeling under the weather all day Wednesday. She had no interest in running and playing, choosing to curl up and sleep for most of the day. And, she was coughing.

So, yesterday, off to the vet we went. When I take Gracie for a ride in the car, I feel like a new mother packing up to take the new baby out to run errands. I have no diaper bag, though. I put some water in the special bowl I have with a tight-sealing screw-on lid. Chew toys for the crate in the back seat. The leash. Treats to replenish the small supply I keep in my cup-holder in the front seat.

For this trip, I also made room for a small basket of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. I was sure the nice doctors, office staff and techs at the veterinary clinic would enjoy a people treat of their own.

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3diphummusHey everyone...another great party trio.  This is really fun to serve all of them, at once.  Each one has a unique flavor and all are top notch flavors.  I have to admit my favorite was the Buffalo Wing, it's also the spiciest.

I served these with plain Kettle Style chips, they were the perfect vehicle for delivering the yumminess. And by incorporating your favorite fatty foods in hummus, there is no reason to deprive yourself (2 Tablespoons average about 40 calories). I love it.

Apparently there is a restaurant in Baltimore (The Desert Cafe) that has a rotating menu of a 175 versions of hummus...even sushi and banana-split flavors.  They even ship their hummus nationwide.

Here are three of their recipes they shared with Food Network....they are must trys...

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blueberrypancakes.jpgLemon Ricotta Pancakes are usually an over-the-top decadence, but this is a lighter (low in fat) version of the traditional hotcakes you are used to consuming. Every bite is reminiscent in texture and flavor to a light and airy cheesecake. What could be better than that?

The assertive flavor of these pancakes comes from the double shot of citrus, using both fresh lemon juice and lemon zest. When topped off with the Blueberry Sauce every bite is a fulfilling treat.

Has there ever been a more perfect Mother's Day brunch item? When Mom hears (because she won't know by tasting) this is a low in fat version of a favorite, it will knock her socks off.

So, whip these up. Mom will have no idea these are low in fat. She'll be thrilled you did.


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