A Night at Angelus

by Carolan Nathan
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angelusLondon has become a mecca for great restaurants...contrary to the myth that has grown up probably due to ignorance and jealousy especially by the French and also by many Americans unfortunately. A few years ago I was invited to lunch with a group of writers in Los Angeles. It was given to honour the Minister of Culture from the UK. After the luncheon he asked each of us to speak a few words and when it came to my turn I told him that my mission was to dispel the myth that had grown up in the USA about British food and since that time I have been doing that.

Nowadays many of the British chefs are invited all over the world to cook and I for one also find this disturbing as their egos become inflated and they start producing cuisine that is over the top! Unfortunately because of the demand by the public to have exotic dishes many chefs bring in foods that are not seasonal and this is also is to their detriment.

However, we still have hidden away restaurants in London and many towns across the UK where you can find great food being served. Using local products mostly organic and also only seasonal vegetables and fruits, they take pride in the quality of what they serve.

So let me tell you about Angelus a fabulous eating house near the Royal Park Hotel just off Westbourne Terrace. Once it was an old pub frequented by such illuminati as Winston Churchill and other political figures. The interior has an elegant Art-Nouveau feel incorporated into the original early 19h century architecture. It is also located in one of London's few remaining working mews next door to the Hyde Park Stables.

angelusintAngelus is the perfect place to enjoy an atmospheric lunch or dinner or just to sit and enjoy a snack after wandering around the Park only a few minutes away. Situate it is far from the eyes of those who might turn up in shorts and worn back to front peaked caps, this brasserie is a perfect hideaway for those who enjoy good food, good wine and a wonderful atmosphere.

Angelus is known for its warmth and cuisine par excellence produced by award winning Head Chef Martin Nisbet together with founder Thierry Tomasin a former Chairman Sommelier of Britain. As Thierry told me his contemporary approach to French classics and unbeatable wine cellar make it a mecca for those who love both of these aspects.

From delectable breakfasts, mid morning snacks to lunch or dinner this is a great way to dance the light fantastic when it comes to escaping the outside world and titillating your tastebuds.

My Dinner Experience

The evening I went a very special dish was being prepared..it was roast goose in a pastry shell with wild mushrooms atop Savoy cabbage. I do not think I have ever tasted anything so delicious. Enough for two for sure but I ate the whole bloody dish because I knew I would never have anything like that again. I also ordered a half bottle of incredible Burgundy that was perfectly paired with the goose. Dream I still do of that meal!!!

Expensive yes..over $150 for just me but surely I am worth it and the dinner was sublime.

When next in London treat yourself and dine at Angelus but dont wear cutoffs or peaked caps, you will NOT be allowed in!!!!

ANGELUS: 4 Bathurst Street Paddington, London, W2 2SD, United Kingdom +44 20 7402 0083


Born and raised in England, Carolan has traveled extensively throughout Europe, North America and the UK since 1985 as a freelance international food, wine and travel writer and radio personality.


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