A Boston Harbor Picnic

Roseanna Marco 1Mountain tops, leafy glades, pastures? Not for us. We're having our picnic in Columbus Park overlooking Boston harbor. Leave your meat and fancy picnic set-ups at home; there are no grills or tables, just trees, grass and benches and other people's yachts, of course.

We like simple egg salad and tuna salad. Hard boil four eggs and refrigerate. Cut two stalks of celery into tiny pieces. Combine eggs with Hellman's mayo. Season with salt and pepper; add dry mustard if you must. Transfer to a disposable plastic container. Next, drain a can of cold tuna. Dice celery and add Hellman's, not too much. Add a dash of pepper, onions if you must. Garnish with parsley if you're a food writer.

Transfer to a separate container with a tight cover. Finally, cut grape tomatoes in thirds, then peel one cold and dry cucumber. Pack together in a third small container. If you freeze a couple of bottled waters, they'll keep everything cold.

Roseanna Pelicans 2Buy Ka-Me rice crackers flavored with wasabi or sesame. Bring plastic forks and knives for spreading, or just dunk. Take cookies in plastic wrap. You can buy drinks from the lemonade lady. Pack containers, cookies, crackers and utensils in one reusable bag and after, throw out the containers and fold up the bag.

Later, there's entertainment like joining kids in nearby fountains and the Aquarium. Water taxis go to the airport and Charlestown Navy Yard. Ferries tour the Harbor including Georges Island, and beyond to Salem's waterfront, whale watching and Provincetown. Though the park is by the water it's not especially cool here. Get ice cream and iced cappuccino in the North End. Friendly dogs play Frisbee even if they don't know you; seagulls take the leftovers.

Christopher Columbus Park
Atlantic Avenue and Richmond St (North End)
Boston, MA 02109

© Photos by Roseanna Spizzirri. Kitty Kaufman is a Boston writer. See more of their food adventures at Corporate Edge and follow Kitty Kaufman on Twitter.