The Morning After

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by Nora Ephron

It was a giddy five days, wasn't it? I remember it well. There were blogs, and jokes on the Internet, and bets were made about how long it would last, how soon there would be a resignation. I made one of those bets myself. I said, within the month. Gone within the month. But five days passed and the vice-president was still there.

What Should Hillary Do?

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by David Latt

palin-mccain.jpgJohn McCain’s selection of Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate puts a target on Hillary Clinton’s back.  Shrewdly tactical, the choice of a woman as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate turns the spotlight back on Hillary but not the way she wanted.  In virtually every area of public policy the two women are diametrically opposed.  

She doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose.  Roe v. Wade would no longer be the law of the land if she and John McCain are able to put new Supreme Court Justices on the bench.  When she was a mayor she tried to ban books from the local library.  Governor Palin wants to drill in ANWAR.  She would take the polar bear off the endangered species list.  She would make the teaching of creationism mandatory in schools.  Nobody knows what she thinks about Universal Health Care, but we’ve heard what John McCain thinks and we can safely assume Sarah Palin will be in lock step with his positions.  

Obama Visits Cereal City

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by Ann Nichols

cerealcity.jpg On a sweltering Sunday evening, hope came to a baseball field in Battle Creek, Michigan. Once a prosperous “Cereal City,” home to both Post and Kellogg, Battle Creek has fallen upon hard times. The city has become one of Michigan’s post-industrial ghost towns due to the gradual shuttering of the cereal production plants since the 1970s.

Racial tensions have risen as demographics have changed, and the crime rate is disproportionately high. On the bright side, depending on one’s personal tastes, Battle Creek is a boom-town for the manufacture of crack cocaine. As I drove into town, my young traveling companion joked that there was now “crackle, but no snap or pop.”

Last Sunday night, though, Battle Creek’s C.O. Brown Stadium held at least 16,000 people willing to stand in the sun for hours to see Barack Obama and Joe Biden as they made the third stop on their post-Convention tour.

Liveblogging from the SeaChange Ideas Forum in Denver

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by Max Bernstein

seachange.jpgSo, Twitter is really owning liveblogging, and I'm sure that what will come across more than the insightful views from people with big brains that I am being bombarded with here at the SeaChange Ideas Forum at the Starz Green Room in Denver, which has better A/C and food than all other refuges.
I just left a panel that Walter Isaacson moderated about nonmilitary solutions to combatting terrorism, and left feeling horrified about how inefficient and underfunded our perfunctory nods to this concept are compared to Britain, etc.
The United We Vote panel with Mario Solis Marich, Baratunde Thurston and Eric Garcetti, all of whom I'm a fan of is particularly interesting as an LA resident, where we watch wedges get driven between the two groups every three minutes. The overall question seems to be about the narrative, and the consensus that despite the lack of a continuous black-brown coalition, the rift is greatly overstated.

Knock, Knock, Knockin

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by Amy Ephron


Mama, take the tanning lights off me
I can’t take it anymore.
It’s getting dark, too dark for me to see
Russia from my front door.

Knock, knock, knockin’ on Putin’s door
Knock, knock, knockin’ on Putin’s door
Knock, knock, knockin’ on Putin’s door
Knock, knock, knockin’ on Putin’s door

Mama, put my guns on me
Take me up in a Piper, now
I’ve got my lipstick in my bra

I feel like knockin’ on Putin’s door.


People Watching at the DNC Convention

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by Marc Mitchell


This week has provided some of the best people watching imaginable. I have seen young, old, gay, straight, black, white, Latino, Asian, hard-core politicos, first-time convention looky-loos, pro-choice demonstrators, pro-life demonstrators, people dressed up as Uncle Sam, machine-gun toting police, pranking Daily Show reporters, politicians (and their staffers), volunteers, Obama lovers and haters, Hillary lovers and haters, celebrities, executives, lobbyists, a guy on a unicycle, athletes, snipers, journalists, techies and bloggers. Did I miss anyone?

10 A.M. in Denver

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by Lee K. Fink

obamabarack.jpg It's 10 am in Denver and I am standing in line at Invesco Field waiting to get in, where I will be omw of hundreds of volunteers. In 10 hours, Barack Obama will make history by accepting his parties nomination to be the next President of the United States of America. 

A little over two months ago, I left Los Angeles and my big law firm job to join Barack Obama's Campaign for Change, and came out to the new battleground state of Colorado. Now, as I await tonight's proceedings, I see the volunteers, the vendors, and the security staff pour in, the excitement is evident. 

Over 80,000 people will be in attendance tonight, the largest crowd in the history of political conventions. As part of the staff here on Colorado, Ihelped distribute some of the Community Credentials issued to ordinary citizens and volunteers, and their excitement is palpable. 

Tonight's speech will be more than a convention. It's the political equivalent of Woodstock.

Letters From Denver: Wisdom

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by Marc Mitchell

dyson_200.jpgI am sitting in panel featuring Ted Sorensen (JFK's Senior Advisor and "alter-ego") and Michael Eric Dyson (Georgetown professor of the hip hop generation). They are full of knowledge. Sorensen's is largely rooted in history and experience, and Dyson's is rooted largely in study and also observation. Whatever your politics, there is plenty to learn from these gentlemen and listening to them has been enlightening. Unfortunately, it seems like we are at a point as a society where everything is based on soundbites. It is always refreshing to hear ideas discussed intelligently, and unfortunately, that opportunity does not seem to present itself as much as it should.

Financial Crisis Chicken Dinner

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by Mandy Blake

potluck-table.jpgI do not consider myself a political person.  I listen to NPR because the voices are soothing and it keeps me company while I cook.  Try as I might, I often don't really hear what they are saying.

My husband and I have hosted potluck dinner parties for the first two debates and while I watched most of them, I was more interested in the food and our friends.  Having said that, it is impossible to ignore the fact that our country is on the verge of inevitable, significant change, and none of us know what it is going to look like, and that is frightening.  My friends and I have found the best remedy is to be together!

A new friend and renowned chef, Thor Christenson, had a small group of us over for a "financial crisis chicken dinner".  He lives in Echo Park and made more than one gentle jab at "Westsiders" (that would be me and my husband) and how precious our food talk is (everything organic, sustainable, raw, green, local...).


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by Darryle Pollack

obamaspeech.jpgSince I lost the election for school treasurer in 10th grade, I haven't cried over an election.  But back then, in the early days of the civil rights movement, I could have never imagined this night-- or that  I would live to see it.   Seeing thousands of people pouring into the streets spontaneously to celebrate, all over the world, seemed to embody the person and the message of Barack Obama. 

So much emotion, so much history, so much at stake – with a perfect ending.  His speech was pitch-perfect, and I've already watched it twice more.  I have been glued to the screen for hours – and to my eyes, everything was perfect (with the possible exception of Michelle's dress).   Four years after we re-elected George W. Bush, could there be a better signal to the world?  Could any words speak louder than the picture of the Obama and Biden families gathered onstage? 

Best of all was the surge of hope – to feed a starving country.  As if Obama took a fresh batch of cookies out of the oven, and the smell floated all over the world, impossible to resist.  John McCain recognized the perfection of the moment and responded with his own best speech of the whole campaign.


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