Me and WRAP

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by Nili Yosha

Waiting for my latte at a coffeshop at 16th and Capp one day, I was stunned by a particular poster on the wall - a beautiful woodcut illustrating the declining amount of government funds put towards affordable housing. I demanded to know where it came from, and was directed to the building next door, to the headquarters of WRAP, a wonderful non profit dedicated "to exposing and eliminating the root causes of civil and human rights abuses of people experiencing poverty and homelessness in our communities."

A year later, and I am a WRAP artist too! Check them out (see if you can find the poster I was talking about), and check me out on their site!

Nili Yosha

When a Meatball Isn't Just a Meatball

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by Betsy Sokolow Sherman

arizona_flag_ani.gifarizonasunset.jpgWhen you ask politicians to provide their favorite recipes, you can bet you’re going to get something laced, maybe dripping, with political undertones, because, well, because that’s what politicians do.   So when I asked two of Arizona’s most powerful pols, Senator John McCain and Governor Janet Napolitano, the former the current GOP frontrunner for president, the latter a trailblazer and potential candidate for vice president for the Democrats, I had to consider their selections a little bit more than just food.

You Say It's Your Birthday

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by Robert Keats

uncle_sam.gifOn Groundhog Day 1972, I think Punxsutawney Phil saw Nixon’s shadow. I know I did. It was the day of the draft lottery, and I didn’t want to win. Not when the prize was Vietnam.

One of my college roommates woke me up by banging a ladle against a frying pan next to my ear.

“Get up”, he said. “You’re number five.”

Number five. I needed comfort food.

Sweet Potato Politics

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by Julia Fowler

julia_fowler.jpg Each Christmas, Dana throws this party as a sort of reunion for our high school clique. This year Dana opened her front door and she was not dressed in party attire.  Instead, she was wearing a Barack Obama sweatshirt. Needless to say, I was stunned. 

gre11052f.jpg Part of the evening was spent listening to the comedy routine of a drag queen named “Shirley Q. Liquor.”  Apparently, Dana and her husband have recently become huge fans and there was even discussion of the group taking a road trip to a gay bar in Tennessee to see him perform.  The rest of the evening was spent discussing the lunacy of George W. Bush, the regret of those who voted for him, the horrific state of our nation’s health care system, the insanity of the Iraq war and the absolute necessity of getting a Democrat in the White House.  I thought to myself, “Where am I?  Who are these people?  They are fabulous!”

Pie vs. Cake

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by Holly Goldberg Sloan

pie_v_cake_sm.jpg The world can be divided into two groups of people:  those who prefer PIE.  And those who prefer CAKE.  Okay, maybe three groups—those who have never seen a pie or a cake need to be mentioned.  But they are not part of this discussion.  They are a footnote in a world where no one footnotes anymore. 

Food, Love, and the Iraq War

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by Christopher Cerf

orielly.jpg When One for the Table was kind enough to mention the recent publication of Mission Accomplished! (or How We Won the War in Iraq) – our “definitive compendium” of misinformation, disinformation, failed predictions and outright lies about the Iraq war – my colleague Victor Navasky and I decided to return the favor by scouring our database to see what quotes, if any, it might contain relating to “food, politics, and love.” 

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), our search proved quite fruitful – at least in regard to the food and politics part of the equation.

For example, Bill O’Reilly declared in January 2003, less than two months before the invasion: “I will bet you the best dinner in the gaslight district of San Diego that military action will not last more than a week.” 

How the Blackberry Killed the Party

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by Marc Mitchell

pearl81001.jpgIn the cult classic movie "Swingers," the crew of guys throws the line "This place is dead anyways" around when at a party and itching to leave. It doesn't matter whether the party is actually dead or not. At the DNC convention, where party-hopping is a sport, everyone seems to always be looking for the next spot and I've never seen a situation where the "This place is dead anyways" line  (and various facsimiles of it) is used more.

By one account, there are more than 1200 convention-related events in Denver this week. This includes panels, lunches, breakfasts, and screenings, but the events which seem to pique the most interest (at least amongst my peers) are the parties that take place each night after the convention program is finished.

Last night, I started at the Chairman's reception, hosted by Howard Dean. It was close to the Pepsi Center, so it was a natural place to start. The median age was about 45 and the featured act was the Goo Goo Dolls. Despite Dean's rousing introduction, the band and the crowd didn't mesh. Place was dead anyway. 

The Honey Lounge - MA

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by David Wolf

pepperoni-pizza.jpg One of the prostitutes who lived across the hall from my wife and me was the person who introduced us to the Honey Lounge, a working class bar across the street from the Prudential Center in Boston.  She and her pimp had apparently had a small disagreement about money and she hid out in our apartment while he pounded on her door and threatened to kill her.  The following night, their dispute resolved, they brought us a pizza as compensation for our kindness.  The pimp said it was from the Honey Lounge, the best pizza in the city.

My Letter to the President

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by Tony Huston

Dear President Bush,

       As one of your most devoted supporters, may I congratulate you on being given Liberia's highest civilian order on Thursday at the executive mansion in Monrovia.

       I understand that, in Liberia, almost nothing works and that people are nervous about their future in the aftermath of a catastrophic civil war, that the country is overrun with weapons, malnutrition is pervasive, half the children are not in school, and many buildings are uninhabitable.  There is little running water or electricity and no sewage or landline phone system.

       Consequently it is no surprise to me that they should have considered you worthy of this signal honor.

   Yours faithfully,
Walter A. Huston


I'm in Delaware

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by Max Bernstein

joe_biden.jpg Delaware, best known for the "I'm in Delaware" joke in the first Wayne's World movie, is apparently having its primary as well on Tuesday. Though Hawaii is the 50th state, it might as well be Delaware because whenever you have to name all the states, you remember 49 of them and name Delaware last. Likewise, I'm sure that in a year when asked to name the starting Democratic field, everyone will remember Delaware senator Joe Biden last, despite having been in the Senate since he was a toddler. He is to the Democratic field what Delaware is to the other states, and we all loved his unforgettable remarks about how amazing it is that Barack Obama can put together a sentence and that Indians can work at 7-11. Some people are writers, not talkers.


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