Bermuda Rum Swizzle

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Years ago I enjoyed this drink  at Bermuda's Swizzle Inn. It is arguably the most famous cocktail in Bermuda.

4 oz Gosling's Black Seal Rum
4 oz Barbados Rum (or any amber rum)
2 oz Triple Sec
2 oz Bermuda Falernum or Simple Syrup
5 oz Orange Juice
5 oz Pineapple Juice
Juice of 2 Lemons
4 dashes of Bitters
¾ oz Grenadine
Crushed Ice
Swizzle sticks

Mix in a pitcher with cracked ice and shake vigorously until frothing head appears. Strain into coktail glasses and swizzle!

Serves 6

Courtesy of Swizzle Inn Bermuda and Gosling's Rum

Lynne Scott


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