Lucques Lambic

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Lucques celebrates its 1st Oktoberfest this month with a menu created by Chef Suzanne Goin as part of their famous Sunday Supper. Lucques mixologist Christiaan Rollich has created an elegant and thirst quenching Beer Cocktail for the occasion. The vibrant red color is from seasonal raspberries. The recipe below makes 6 - 7 cocktails.

1 Basket of Raspberries (0.35 Lbs)
3 Oz Fennel Syrup*
1 Oz Lemon Juice
1 Oz Orange Juice
18 - 21 oz Beer (Lager is preferred)
Double Old Fashion Glass
1 Lime

Puree the Raspberries, Fennel Syrup, Lemon Juice and OJ in a blender. Bring it from low to high speed.

Fill a Double Old Fashion Glass to the rim with ice. Throw a few ice cubes in a shaker to prevent the cocktail from foaming. Add 1.5 Oz of your premix and 3 oz of Lager together in your mixer. What ever you do, do not shake it!

Softly strain it in to the glass. Cut a few lime wheels as a garnish and enjoy it.

– Recipe courtesy of Lucques


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