Rosh Hashana Leftovers

brisketsandwich.jpgThere’s not really anything to do with noodle kugel – put it back in the oven and heat it up. There’s not really anything to do with Katherine’s Mother’s carrot ring either (which is more like carrot cake) and which we ate too much of, except wrap it in tinfoil and put it in the oven and heat it up, too.

Brisket, however, is a whole other story. Brisket hash for Sunday brunch with poached eggs on it. BBQ Brisket sandwiches. BBQ Brisket tacos (just go with this, they’re really great!)

BBQ Brisket Sandwiches

So easy. Sauté a little sliced green pepper in olive oil. Slice and shred brisket. Add shredded brisket and heat for a minute or so. Throw in a half a cup of bbq sauce and simmer or more if it seems too dry. If you’re feeling really brave, throw in some sliced jalapenos. Lightly toast a hamburger bun and spoon bbq brisket onto bun, put on top bun, and slice in half, cause it’s kind of messy!

 BBQ Brisket Tacos

Use above recipe but heat tortilla shells in the oven and spoon the brisket mixture into the shell when warmed. Serve with sliced lettuce, cheese, chopped tomatoes. If you’re feeling brave, substitute sliced cabbage for the lettuce. And serve with salsa.

Brisket Hash

1 onion chopped
6 red potatoes chopped
1 red pepper diced
Leftover brisket, chopped and shredded.

In olive oil and a little butter (be careful not to run at such a high heat that olive oil burns) sauté chopped onions, diced peppers and chopped red potatoes (no need to peel potatoes, this dish is a little rustic). When the potatoes are starting to brown and seem almost cooked, add left over brisket chopped and shredded.

Continue to cook. Use a spatula, now, to flip, potato, brisket mixture so you start to brown it a little like a pancake. Don’t worry if you can only flip part at a time, you can always smoosh it back together.

Serve soft or crisp depending on your taste.

Top each serving with one or two poached eggs. Serve with ketchup and toasted leftover challah.