Top 10 Signs You're Spaced Out

carkeys2.jpg1) You can’t find your keys
           Don’t worry about it, no one can ever find their keys

2) You can’t find your cell phone.
           Don’t worry about it, no one can ever find their cell phone

3) Your daughter calls and tells you they’ve just called her from the deli to say you left your cell phone there. And you had no idea it was even missing.

4) You have two things in your hand, a dirty napkin and a wallet, and you throw your wallet in the trashcan.

5) You walk into the bedroom and realize the dresser drawer is open.
           This is a bad sign. There’s a cure. Retrain yourself to do things in a different order. Open the drawer. Take the sweater out. Shut the drawer. THEN put the sweater on.

purse-cell-phone_300.jpg6) You almost hit someone in a crosswalk and they’re the ones who were texting.

7) You hit your head on a cabinet.

8) You go to lock the car and open the trunk by mistake.
           Don’t worry about it, everyone hits the wrong button once in a while.

9) You go to put your cell phone in your purse and realize it’s the house phone.

10) You put your house phone in your purse instead of your cell phone and don’t realize it until you’re out and pull your phone out to make a call.