A Really Delicious Salami Sandwich

We’re pretty loose on the ingredients here. But this is a delicious light and hearty sandwich that even Dave would approve of!

Two slices of challah bread (or white bread) untoasted
Great Italian salami or Hebrew National, if that’s all you can find
Smoked Gouda (or regular gouda if you can’t find smoked)
Corn Relish (or a good dijon if you don’t have any corn relish on hand)

Slice the salami not razor thin, but sort of thin. Spread relish (or mustard) on one slice of bread. Carefully lay salami rounds/slices to cover the whole bread (if you’re making this for someone 19, use two layers)

Slice smoked (or plain) gouda with a cheese knife and cover salami liberally with cheese. Spread corn relish (or mustard) on the other slice of bread and place on sandwich.

Cut in half. And if there are two of you and you wanted to, you could share it, but you might want to make two.

-Amy Ephron