What Does YOUR Palm Say About Your Relationships?

palm-heartline.jpgDid you know that there is a marking on the palm's Heart Line that some palmists call the kinky kick? When found in a hand, it is said to indicate someone who enjoys perhaps the most adventurous side of love, I guess we could say.

Did you almost look at your palm thinking I wonder if I have one? I don't blame you. Most of us are very interested in finding what ours and others' palms reveal about love and romance. Especially in February, because those of us in the USA celebrate Valentines Day on Feb.14.

Traditional palmistry denotes several lines and markings associated with the emotional makeup of a person. The main one is the Heart Line. The Heart Line starts on the outside edge of the hand, is under the pinky, and runs towards the index finger area. An average Heart Line ends somewhere between the index and middle fingers. This line concerns emotional make-up, the capacity to feel, and to love. It also tells us how love is expressed and how we relate to others.

A clear, deep, gently curved line that ends in the area between the index and middle fingers shows someone who has depth of feeling and balanced emotional expression.

Interpreting the Heart line

Here are some traditional Western palmistry interpretations for the Heart Line. The key points to remember when interpreting, are that lines shift and change, and that the quality of a line is one of the most important indicators of a line's interpretation. Some authors say that they view the lines as energy power lines, or as rivers, as a way of understanding how clear and strong a line is.

Curved Indicates emotional depth; the degree of curve indicates the depth
Straight Emotionally level; may not form romantic attachments easily
Ends under Middle Finger Direct approach to relationships; unsentimental
Ends under Index Finger Romantic, vulnerable, idealizes romance and emotional
attachments, generous, giving
Ends under Ring Finger Extreme emotional distance and caution
Ends with Forks Emotional complexity. If many forks: Emotional sensitivities
Breaks in the Line Change in emotional attachment; broken heart
Double line Great sensitivity, loyalty, twice the heart
Branch to Life Line Intensity for life's work; sometimes workaholic
Deep, Wide Portion If it looks like a "rut," it might be. Also indicates deep feelings



And The Kinky Kick?

I haven't forgotten so here is how to spot it. I've never seen one in a client's hand, but the marking of the Kinky Kick is supposed to be where one of the Heart Line's forked ends flips sharply backwards something like this: 

(Ah! We caught you looking!)




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