Home Is Where the Heart Is

chinese.jpgTo me, a great date is one where you can do nothing with someone and be perfectly content. It's an easy formula: Good Company + Snacks in a Safe Environment = A+. Call me boring or slothful but it works for me. Lately though, my boyfriend really likes getting outside of the box and trying new things.

We crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and went to the flea market. We saw two Broadway shows in two consecutive weeks. We even took the train and went to his parents' house for a Japanese New Years party. All very out of the ordinary, all slightly uncomfortable. Good Company + Stress and Mobility = C-.

Two weeks ago, however, we had a bonafide A+ date. I got off of a long day at work, took a cab, and met Alex at his apartment. He opened the door, and we both had that pale, slightly purple tint that comes with working and winter. Four words came out of his mouth that reaffirmed why he is the greatest boyfriend and my greatest date: "Grand Sichuan and Lost."

We put on pajamas, silenced all portable gadgets, and ordered singapore noodles with scallion pancakes. While slurping out of white boxes and spilling soy sauce on sweatpants, we watched the tension grow between Jack and Locke as they fought like girls over control of weapons in the hatch (Spoiler Alert: Sawyer pulls a a fast one on both!) We're only on Season 2, and the new season of Lost starts frighteningly soon. But it's perfectly fine by me because it's making my dating life just so great.