About Love

img_4451.jpgValentine's day means many things to many people.

For most, it's a time to let your loved one know how you feel. To affirm your love with flowers, candy, or even jewelry, and hope it somehow translates into rough sex.

For me, it's always been a time of reflection, since the only rough sex I'm going to have is if throw myself on Rachelle while she's filing her nails.

Which she usually is when I throw myself on her.

Yes, for me it's a chance to look back at the way things might have been... ....had I not hooked up with someone dedicated to making my life a living hell.

Don't take my word for it. Watch the show, "Living With Ed", and see for yourself. That's why I did the show. It was that or install a Nanny cam. I wanted the world could see that I wasn't making this shit up.


But, lest you think no good has come from all this, let me assure you it's otherwise.

For most of our friends, it's become something akin to watching Jerry Springer. You're simply going to feel better about yourself.

So, all of you, feel good about what you've got.

And, who knows, with the strike over, maybe we can afford separate houses, or better yet, separate lawyers, and everyone's a winner!