A Pedicab?

boardwalk_pedicabpage.jpg Yes, a pedicab.  That was my ride home last night.  Crammed in the back seat with two friends, and leaving a party far away from downtown, the pedicab, peddled vigorously by a bearded mountain man named Declan, was our only chance of getting back to home base (by the way, I’m now convinced that pedicabs are the most expensive mode of transportation on earth).

We were a few miles away from downtown at a party given by MySpace which featured Nelly as the headlining performer.  The crowd at all convention events always seems to be a mixed bag of ages and enthusiasm, which can make it hard to select a performer who resonates with everyone.  I forgot, though, that every Nelly song has been in some sort of commercial and that as a result, even your grandmother knows at least one Nelly song (seriously, try it).  The show was great (and at one point featured a 10 year old breakdancer named Declan; the probability of me encountering another Declan in the next 10 years has now decreased dramatically), but afterwards we were left wondering how to get back downtown from a venue tucked away near Invesco Field.

cityatnight2.jpg Enter Declan (mountain man Declan and not breakdancing Declan).  For the low price of $80, he could peddle me and my friends back home.  Left with few options and looking at about 200 other people trying to figure out how to get home, we decided to take a ride.  On a beautiful night, with not one inch to spare in the backseat, we got a nice open-air tour of Denver and made it back to the hotel in time to see an elected official playing the piano in the lobby as overserved delegates trickled in, fresh from a night of celebration.

I’m thinking that there are still a few people at the party venue, trying to get home.  Thanks to mountain man Declan, I got a tour of the Mile High city, made it home in time to see an impromptu concert, and got what would be considered for convention week a good night’s sleep (4 hours).  Not a bad deal.


Marc Mitchell is an attorney who has managed the financial, business, and legal affairs of several influential entertainment companies. Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Celebrifantasy, an online news portal and celebrity fantasy league, and the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Dominion Media, a film and TV production company. Until recently, he was also the Chief Operating Officer of UrbanDaddy, a leading online lifestyle publication.  He is currently a member of the New York Finance Committee for Barack Obama.