No To-Mayan

If indeed the Mayan belief is correct and December 20th was guaranteed to be my final supper, I would choose my menu with great excitement and freedom.

cav2Just the thought of the world coming to an end, generates a tantalizing excitement in my belly, the mere fact, that I could devour my most favorite delicacies without consequence, guilt or social shame!

Most of my favorite foods, or “Treats” as we call them at home, are all either endangered, illegal, incredibly expensive, or so fattening, that the pleasure of eating is ruined by the consequence.

Here is my menu –

Russian Beluga caviar, straight up – great big spoonful’s please!

Hot seared Fois Gras on a slice of toasted brioche.

Fresh orecchiette with soft poached quail eggs and lots of shaved white truffle.

ambrosiaThe hot outside slice of roast beef, bone in rib roast, just out of the oven, with the bubbly crispy fat attached.

Fried parsley with Maldon sea salt.

La Bonnotte potatoes – steamed to perfection, tossed in unsalted butter, with a tiny sprinkle of truffle salt.

English marrow (the vegetable) soaked in beef drippings.

And for pudding I would like –

A large bowl of hot Ambrosia Rice Pudding, from the can. With a dollop of my own Orcas Island wild strawberry jam.

I shall not tell you whom I would like to have my last supper with, as if I did, there certainly would be no To-Mayan!


Lucy Dahl is an author and screenwriter. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two dogs and beloved pig, Francis Bacon.