Tomaquet: Catalan Tomato Bread


1 or 2 ripe, organic tomatoes
Pinch (or two) of salt
Really good olive oil
Crusty bread like ciabatta
Raw garlic (optional and totally not required)


1. Wash the tomato, cut off a bit of the end, and grate it over a bowl using a cheese grater.
2. Add salt.
3. Toast the bread (not required).
4. If you are going to use the garlic, rub a cut clove over the bread.
5. Spread tomato pulp onto bread.
6. You can use the olive oil (REQUIRED) in two different ways: Either drizzle it over the bread after you spoon the tomaquet onto it, or add the olive oil to the tomato mixture before spreading it onto the bread.

It goes in this order: crusty bread, optional raw garlic, tomato pulp with salt, olive oil. EAT!


- Recipe courtesy of Rodale