Letters From Denver: Wisdom

dyson_200.jpgmarc_mitchell.jpgI am sitting in panel featuring Ted Sorensen (JFK's Senior Advisor and "alter-ego") and Michael Eric Dyson (Georgetown professor of the hip hop generation). They are full of knowledge. Sorensen's is largely rooted in history and experience, and Dyson's is rooted largely in study and also observation. Whatever your politics, there is plenty to learn from these gentlemen and listening to them has been enlightening. Unfortunately, it seems like we are at a point as a society where everything is based on soundbites. It is always refreshing to hear ideas discussed intelligently, and unfortunately, that opportunity does not seem to present itself as much as it should.

The next panel includes John Podesta (former chief of staff for Bill Clinton) and Arianna Huffington (new media expert and star). I realize that in the last 30 minutes, I have heard from old school and new school, hip hop and oldies, current and past.

blog_sorensen.jpgI am reminded of the proverbial football coach who tells a player, "Son, I've forgotten more about this sport than you'll ever  know." That's how I feel now. Ted Sorensen knows more about politics and government in his pinky than I'll ever know, and his knowledge, coupled with some other and interesting opinions, has provided for an thoughtful afternoon. No yelling, no playing to the crowd. Even when the participants disagreed, they did so respectfully and then discussed the issues at hand in a civilized way.  I just wish that we could have more discussions like these.



Marc Mitchell is an attorney who has managed the financial, business, and legal affairs of several influential entertainment companies. Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Celebrifantasy, an online news portal and celebrity fantasy league, and the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Dominion Media, a film and TV production company. Until recently, he was also the Chief Operating Officer of UrbanDaddy, a leading online lifestyle publication.  He is currently a member of the New York Finance Committee for Barack Obama.