Giving To Candidates = Clapping For The Fairies

From the Huffington Post

Primary season is upon us, and if you were trying to keep out of it until there were only two people running for president, then you've recently realized that that just isn't in the cards. Democrats! Republicans! Bloomberg?

election_2008.jpg You can't escape from any of them on MSNBC or CNN, and if you live in a primary state that counts, then you can't even escape from them on your doorstep. New Hampshire residents are still recovering from candidates handing them their morning paper. Would you like to open your door and find Rudy Giuliani standing there? "Good morning! 9/11!"

South Carolina, Nevada, Super Tuesday... It's like a Dave Matthews Band Tour, but the roadies are wearing Bluetooth ear things, and I care about it. Election is in the air, and it's on people's tongues. (War, what war? Didn't you hear what Obama said? The gloves are coming off!)

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