Ice Cream "Maker"

I have never mastered the art of making ice cream.  Hard to believe since every cookbook I read tells me how simple it really is. I bought a snazzy red Cuisinart ice cream maker and I even have an extra drum sitting in my freezer so that I have the illusion that I can always whip up a batch of fresh ice cream at the drop of a hat.  

Here’s my stumbling block: I am a multi-tasker.  I can’t help it. I’m not sure if I was one before I became a single mom, but I’m definitely one now. Producing that perfect, delectable treat must be intended for a more single-minded person than myself. If one cooks the custard even a second too long the result is a curdled egg mixture that is definitely never destined to become a delicious, smooth, cold, creamy, delectable anything. 

This has felled me every time.  I’m always sure I have at least one extra second to look away to find a phone number, or to read the next crossword clue, or to scratch my dog, Lulu’s, tummy. And then, voila!  I am pouring yet another batch down the drain.  Thank goodness multi tasking has never gotten in the way of my mastering the art of eating ice cream. Now that would be a real tragedy.