If You Can’t Get to a Tropical Island, Go Pom...

pomdrinks1We were really happy to sample the new PomWonderful drinks as a prelude to the holiday season. Pom Mango, Pom Hula, Pom Coconut. And since we’re not going away for Christmas this year, it was an excuse to pretend we were lounging under an umbrella on the beach, listening to the waves pound against the shore, and watching the sunset as we tasted the new varieties. (For the record, these were sent to me as samples, but as people who know me know, I don’t always write about the samples that I’m sent, not unless I like them, anyway – those crabcakes shaped like baseballs come to mind...)

But the new Pom drinks are really fresh – they have to be refrigerated – and they’re so luscious, they work as a snack instead of food. And if I have anything to say about it, they will now be a staple in our house...

The Pom Mango is pure deliciousness, fresh, and amazing. The Pom Hula makes you a little less sad you’re not on the beach. And the Pom Coconut (well let me say this, coconut cake is my favorite thing) so I was already there.

But then we decided to a little cocktail experimentation. For the record, this involved tasting only (kind of like a wine day), although spread over many, as it’s my personal belief, and potentially an old rock and roll adage, that you’re not supposed to mix hard alcohol on any given day.


The results of our experiments are Pom Mango is genius with gin. It certainly wasn’t the first thing we tried and I’m not sure why the flavors mesh so well, but a half a shot of good gin mixed in with a wine glass full of Pom Mango over four ice cubes (and fresh mint if you have any for garnish) is an amazing cocktail. I think it would properly be called a Pom Mango Gimlet but if anyone has a better idea, please let us know.

The Pom Coconut lends itself to light rum. Go crazy on the garnish, fresh pineapple, a slice of orange. (Go light on the rum...) And if you have any around, a tiny swirl of Coconut Milk for color. A Co-Co Pom? Okay, we’re scratching for names here, help.

And the Pom Hula makes a really mean margarita which around here we call a Tropical Sundown. Use a gold tequila. One shot. Over ice or blended as you wish. And if you have any on hand, a tiny splash of fresh lemon juice.

If you have any cocktail ideas to add, please share.