Earl Grey Infused Hot Chocolate

(Makes 2 small servings for 2 tiny tea cups)


2.5 cups milk (I prefer slightly sweet & nutty almond milk)
3 bags Steven Smith Teamaker's Lord Bergamot earl grey (or 3 teaspoons of your favorite earl grey blend)
10 tablespoons WS Classic Hot Chocolate Mix Marshmallows for topping (These mini vanilla marshmallows are delightful)

Bring the milk to a low boil in a small saucepan over medium high heat. Add Earl Grey tea, turn heat down to medium low and steep for 10 minutes. Remove tea bags or strain loose leaf tea. Whisk in 10 tablespoons hot chocolate mix until dissolved and frothy. Pour tea-infused hot chocolate into two teacups and immediately top with marshmallows. Serve hot.

The bright bergamot and matly black tea leaves of Earl Grey subtly compliment the rich, sweet hot chocolate flavors. And if Earl Grey isn't your cup of tea (yes, I used that pun), then try a bold masala chai blend bursting with warming spices or a decadent orchid oolong (Mighty Leaf's Orchid Oolong when infused in hot chocolate conjures taste memories of Almond Joy Bars). If you plan on using loose leaf tea but don't enjoy straining the steeped leaves I recommend keeping a few of these unbleached paper tea filters on hand (they're great for cooking with tea or for when traveling with tea).

- Recipe courtesy of Alexis Siemons