A Pink Princess

This was invented on a hot L.A. Sunday afternoon when it seemed like thirst would require refills on the beverage, orange juice seemed like too much food, and we hadn’t yet decided whether we were having breakfast or it was time for lunch! Great with either.

Ingredients: (measurements are by the glass)

3/8 cup Fresh Lemonade
3/8 cup Pom Wonderful Juice
½ shot of Sparkling Water
In a tall glass on ice

To Make a Pitcher of Fresh Lemonade:

6 large lemons
8 cups of Fiji Water
¾ - 1 cup of white refined sugar

1. Roll lemons on a wooden board to loosen the juice.
2. Squeeze juice of lemons in a hand or electric citrus squeezer.
3. Strain juice into a pitcher.
4. Add ¾ cup of sugar
5. Add the water and mix well with a wooden spoon.
6. Adjust for taste (but be sure to taste before adding more sugar, the tartness of lemons can vary greatly).

For the Pink Princess, we like our lemonade a little tart, but most people prefer a cup of sugar – just taste as you go and don’t make it too sweet.

To Make A Pink Princess:

1. Fill tall tumbler glasses, a little more than halfway, with ice cubes.
2. Pour 3/8 cup fresh lemonade into each glass (up to the halfway mark). (The trick is to use half lemonade, half Pom Wonderful juice, so adjust for the size of your glass.)
3. Then add 3/8 cup Pom Wonderful Juice slowly. Add ½ shot (or a spray) of sparkling water.
4. Stir with an iced tea spoon (or a swizzle stick).
5. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.

Turn it into a cocktail at night by substituting ½ shot of chilled vodka for the sparkling water! In which case, we call it “The Queen of Hearts”.

--Recipe by Amy Ephron