The Best Things We Ate This Year

ami louis potatoesI just can’t forget the truffle pasta we enjoyed at the American Embassy residence in Rome accompanied by homemade Limoncello served by Ambassador John Phillips himself. We walked the catacombs under the Embassy to get to the wine cellar where just the three of us including my husband Mike ate the best Limoncello and pasta in the world. It was simple with butter and truffle, just pure food magic.
Our best meal in Paris was at L’Amis Louis. Their fois gras, escargot and scallops are always crazy good…but the potatoes and garlic with butter and fries can't be beat…and this new place, also in Paris, served us the tiny best appetizer in world of mushrooms, figs, cheese and proscuitto.
  Irena Medavoy

The best thing I ate last year was on Thursday, December 24th at E. Baldi in Beverly Hills - Chef Edoardo makes an amazing antipasti of Deep fried Shiitake Mushrooms with sea salt & truffled pecorino cheese ... What a taste treat!!!
  Wendy Howard Goldberg

The best thing I ate last year was a chicken schnitzel sandwich at Falafel Hakosem on King George Street in Tel Aviv, an hour before going to dinner at my grandmother's house. Never go to my grandmother's house hungry. 
  Anna Harari

biscuitsHot fluffy biscuits right out of the oven from Good Enough to Eat on Columbus Avenue in New York City.  I had many delicious foods in 2015 but seemed to only crave, and adore, those biscuits with their luscious strawberry butter. Mmmmm. Is it morning yet?
  Diane Sokolow

Last May, when my wife and I vacationed in Anguila, I ate a nectarine that I can taste to this very day. New Year's resolution - the moment that taste disappears, we'll head back to Anguila for another nectarine.
   Alan Zweibel 

SODABREADIn September, I finally took that bucket-list trip to Ireland.  Each day, in every county and village we visited, we were served Irish Soda Bread -- delicious brown bread -- for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I thought: I could get used to this. There’s always been a rumored Irish branch of our family tree, and now I’m convinced of it. Irish Soda Bread was the best thing I ate all last year and I still find myself craving it. Coincidentally, I read in the NY Times about an old Irish tradition that now only exists on the island of Inishmaan: children go from house to house on New Year’s Day delivering slices of bread in exchange for pennies. The tradition was called the Day of the Buttered Bread, and it symbolized the banishing of hunger. The custom died out on the mainland in the 1930s or 40s. I would like to bring it to the United States and banish my craving for fresh, hot Irish Soda Bread, slathered in butter. I think we need to start working on this right now!
  Fredrica Duke

Cherry Pie, Cherry Pie, Cherry Pie…said three times because I was actually fortunate to serve it three times! It came from Sweet Lady Jane Bakery in Sherman Oaks. Warm in a 350 degree oven. Even people famous for only eating lettuce leaves, were shockingly seen going back for thirds!
  Amy Ephron

cherrypieFour Seasons French Toast 1

My favorite thing last year was a dessert at the Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest. It's particularly memorable because I've been off sugar/desserts since January 2014 and this marked a significant, though momentary relapse (let's call it a slip). The english translation on the menu listed it as French Toast with Strawberry Ice Cream, which sounds rather basic. It was, in fact, one of the best desserts I've ever had. Imagine a warm caramelized bread pudding wrapped around creme brulee, adorned with the sweetest fresh strawberries and homemade ice cream, it was like nothing I had ever had.
  James Moore

FranceLunchI got to fulfill a big travel dream and spend two weeks in France last year, so it’s hard to pick just one bite/plate…my favorite dinners of 2015 from amuse bouche to dessert were at Arsenic (in Lyon - we don't know why it's called that), Maison Drouot (in Saint-Remy-de-Provence - their four milk dessert a dream of ingenuity and subtle flavot) and Virtu in Scottsdale, AZ. Seek these places out, please.
My favorite food memory was actually being able to understand and order the Coquette du Jour for me and my husband in a tiny wine bar in Crozes-Hermitage. They spoke no English and my French is limited, but we managed to make it work. He thought we were just having bread and pate for lunch, which would have been enough. The look of surprise on his face when more food came out was priceless. The fact that it was delicious and perfectly hearty on that rainy day, icing on the cake. If only I had more time there to practice…
  Lisa Dinsmore