The Bungalow's Bitchin' Sangria


1 bottle of California Pinot Noir
1/2 bottle of California Cabernet Sauvignon
8 oz Oro Pisco
8 oz St. Germain
6 oz agave nectar
4 dashes of Regans Orange Bitters #6
1/4 pineapple, roughly chopped
1 pink lady apple, roughly chopped (any will do)
1 orange roughly chopped
1 grapefruit roughly chopped
1 mango roughly chopped
2 nectarines or plums, when in season


Combine all ingredients together in a large pitcher, cover and store in a refrigerator overnight before serving.

To serve, fill wine glass with ice. Add 5 oz of sangria and garnish with seasonal fruit.

- Recipe courtesy of The Bungalow