Steak with Mushrooms, Bok Choy and Tamari Sauce


(This recipe is written for two, feel free to cut in half or multiply.)

1 well-trimmed 8 ounce New York strip steak (or an 8 ounce piece of skirt steak, or two 4-ounce tenderloin filets)

4 baby choy (or substitute spinach, kale, chard, asparagus, broccoli or any green bean you like.)

2 large portobello mushrooms or 4 cups mixed mushrooms

salt and pepper


1/2 cup tamari (a wheat-free soy sauce)

1 t minced garlic

2 T freshly grated ginger

1/2 to 2 t minced hot pepper (any variety you like)

juice of one large, juicy lime (2-3 T juice)

Prepare the Sauce: Make sure you taste the lime juice to make sure it’s sweet and not bitter; and taste the pepper, too, so you can adjust the amount you add according to how much heat you like.

Prepare bok choy: Cut the bok choy in half, lengthwise, and rinse well to remove hidden dirt. If cooking for more than 2, blanch in a large pot of boiling salted water for 5-7 minutes and drain well. (If cooking for one, you can simply use the pan you’ll cook the meat and mushrooms in to save the washing of another pot.)

Prepare the meat and mushrooms: Slice the mushrooms and season them, and the meat, with a tiny bit of salt and pepper. Preheat a non-stick pan over medium high heat for a minute or two and then spray with cooking oil.

When oil is hot, add meat.  For New York strip, filets or sirloin cuts, cook for about 2-4 minutes, flip and cook 2-4 minutes more until it reaches the state of doneness you prefer.  (If using skirt steak, however, sear only a minute and a half on each side…cooking beyond medium rare will make that cut tough.) When meat is done, remove from heat and let rest a few minutes before slicing.

Cook the mushrooms: Spray your pan with cooking spray and heat for a minute before adding mushrooms. If cooking for 1 or two, and your pan is large enough, you can add mushrooms at the same time you’re cooking the steak, otherwise cook mushrooms afterward while the meat is resting. On medium high heat, it will take a total of 5-6 minutes. To achieve the nice golden color, don’t stir or toss the mushrooms for the first 2-3 minutes.

To Serve: Plate the greens. If you cooked them before the meat and they’ve cooled off too much, toss them in the hot pan for a moment or two before you plate.

If using the New York strip steak…slice the steak and layer the meat with the portobello slices.

If using tenderloin filets, perch the filets on a bed of mushrooms and add more on top with the vegetables on the side.

Or if using skirt steak, pile those delicious mushrooms under, on, or around the meat and veg.

No matter which cut you use, drizzle all of the meat, mushrooms and greens with the yummy sauce and enjoy!!

By the way…I don’t think our favorite chef crushes–especially Jamie, who is leading a food revolution- would be crushed by any  healthy recipe re-do, I think the good ones might even be proud…