Moroccan Grilled Lambchops with Pomegranate Relish

Wet rub:
Make a paste with the following ingredients to taste:
Corky’s dry BBQ rub (or any other brand handy)
Ground Cinnamon
Parsley garlic salt (optional)
Paprika or a very light dusting of cayenne pepper
Liquid hickory smoke (unless you are cooking over charcoal)
Mint jelly
Combine the above ingredients
Nuke in a microwave for about 20-30 seconds to melt the jelly.
Stir into a murky smokey sweet paste.
Cover the lamb chops –don’t forget the bone and side fat.
Let stand …
Broil close to high heat in a pre-heated oven…
Chops should be a little charred on the outside but still juicy and pink on the inside.
Serve with fresh pomegranate relish and rice pilaf
Pomegranate Relish
Chopped fresh mint
Chopped fresh parsley
The juice from one lime
Mint jelly, left in chunks
White raisins soaked in calvados (or spirits of your choice)
Chopped peeled apple or mandarin oranges
Finely minced red onion (not too much)
The seeds from one or two pomegranates (depending of quantity)
Puree a portion of your apples or mandarin oranges with the limejuice to create a binder and mix ingredients