Marilyn Lewis's Meatloaf

If I told you to get a big bowl out and put your gloves on (I cannot even write the word plastic)..then throw in your really cold chilled favorite choice of ground beef, veal and pork (or all Beef) then mix it with slightly beaten egg, a little half and half and a bunch of catsup and a small amount of sourdough breadcrumbs (meatloaf should be slightly wet) …. can you see what’s going on...?  Toss it from bottom up and over with a very light touch using your own ice cold hands or those gloves…

Then kosher salt

Then cumin (not too much)

Then cayenne

Then a trace of grated nutmeg

And ground white pepper

Put it in the frig to keep it cold while you cube up the onions, celery carrots  and bell peppers… adding last, all the  garlic you want or none of it…just don’t brown it and add it last like the last 15 minutes.

Sauté all this  in a  large skillet over low flame to sweat them. Maybe 30 minutes.

Cool them down on a sheet pan in the frig before adding to the chilled meat mixture.

Now marry everything, once again with your freezing cold hands or those gloves and toss from bottom up  until it all looks like every bite will have some of everything.

We used to taste this raw but that day is gone.

What you can do is fry up a little ball of this and see how it tastes.

Now for the best part.



Catsup, tomato paste and  a little coffee and brown sugar which is spread over the shaped meatloaf.

We keep it free can go to a loaf pan, but too dated.

Bake in preheated oven 350°F on the center rack  for about one hour.

Our Rules say the meatloaf should be about 155°F degrees in the center.

Sorry you have work out your own measurements, but our recipe is really too big and who has time to figure it all out…

Pair it with Kale and mashed potatoes with gravy. That’s what we do.