Mexican Stew


1 lb. of ground beef, fairly lean

1 lb. of ground pork sausage (turkey or chicken is fine too)
1 tablespoon Cumin
Cayenne Pepper…to taste…
One medium Vidalia onion finely chopped (brown in butter and olive oil)
One Green Onion…green and white portion chopped
1 Tablespoon of minced garlic
Salt and Black pepper to taste
One package of mild chili seasoning
One can (about 4oz) of mild green chilies
2-3 cans of crushed or stewed tomatoes…depends on how chunky you want the stew
2 cans of whole kernel corn
2 cans of northern beans
2 cans of black beans
V8 to thin add needed
One can of salsa…a smaller jar…you can also use it as a condiment instead of an ingredient.
Torn tortilla shells as dumplings…they puff up and add a great texture.
Pepper Jack cheese and sour cream as condiments and garnish…green onion nice too!

Begin browning your chopped Vidalia or sweet onion in a preheated skillet with a couple tablespoons of butter and olive oil respectively…remember, butter for flavor, oil for temperature! Medium heat is perfect.

Once your onions are showing some softness and browning, add your ground beef and sausage…stirring them all together. Add garlic once the meat begins to brown. Just before the meet is totally cooked, add the spices, green onion, and chili seasoning. This is really your flavor roux for the whole stew.

Start adding your canned veggies…don’t drain them too much if at all. The bean “juice” or liquid is a great thickener and flavor layer. Add the salsa as well.

Bring the soup or stew to a low boil or good simmer…throw in the torn tortilla strips and watch them puff…this part is fun to me! Serve once the tortillas are puffed or keep it on low for as long as you need. Part of the beauty of this dish is its flexibility of when and how to serve.

As for the Pepper Jack quesadillas…take a tortilla shell, fill the middle with shredded or crumbled cheese, and grill them on a griddle, bake in an oven, or even microwave…the cheese melts in seconds and if your grill or bake them, a light coat of butter or olive oil won’t hurt…sunscreen in a sense! Ha!

Cut the quesadillas into wedges and serve…these are highly addictive and delicious to boot! Enjoy!

  - Recipe courtesy of  All Things Farmer.