Alton Brown's Pancakes

pancakes.jpgThere is really nothing better than a crisp golden pancake in the morning after a long night of boozing. I woke up yesterday morning with a wicked craving for pancakes and even recall dreaming about them as I slipped into a deep slumber after bar hopping with friends. I have experimented in the past with packaged pancake mixes of various styles and flavors though nothing compares to a homemade buttermilk pancake.

The recipe I use comes courtesy of Alton Brown, the Food Network personality famous for the “Good Eats” series. I owe my fascination with all things gastronomic largely to the Food Network, one of the few channels I watched religiously growing up. While other kids were watching cartoons and local sports, I was at home in the TV room watching cooking shows.

I remember the old days before the Food Network established itself as a predominant channel where the low budget programming could only fill a six-hour slot that ran on a continuous loop throughout the day. Early Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, and Alton Brown were my favorites and I never missed an episode of their shows.

His “instant pancakes” recipe leads to the best pancakes I have ever eaten, churning out consistent results each and every time. I prepared a batch to eat in front of the window and enjoy a bit of quiet time to nurse my hangover. The recipe is available online and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves a stack of airy pancakes with melted butter and good maple syrup for breakfast.



- Originally published on the food blog Pomander Saveur.