Ryan's Cream of Parsnip Soup


Adapted from Jessica Prentice’s Full Moon Feast

2 tablespoons “unsalted butter baby”
3 leeks peeled, rinsed well, and sliced
4 parsnips, chopped chunky
4 or more cups chicken stock
1 bay leaf
1 cup Greek yogurt (Fage is good)
Salt and pepper

Melt butter and add leeks.  Saute until they smell sweet.  Add parsnips and sauté for another few slow minutes.  Add stock, a bit of salt and the bay leaf.  Simmer, with the lid on, until parsnips can be pierced easily with a knife.  Remove bay leaf and puree.  Fold in the yogurt and season again with salt and pepper.  If serving to foodies, place a dollop more yogurt on top, for fanciness. 


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