Melt the Vote

by Annie Miler (Clementine)
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cheeseballot.jpgThe 2008 National Grilled Cheese Month Campaign kicks off at Clementine Tuesday, April 1st with an exciting and diverse field of grilled cheese candidates. Grilled Cheese Primaries will be held at Clementine during the first 4 weeks of April.

Each week, five different sandwiches will campaign on the menu and when you order a sandwich, your vote will determine which sandwiches earn a spot on the ballot for Super Cheeseday(s), April 28-30. Your votes on Super Cheeseday(s) will determine the winner, our next Commander in Cheese, the Highest Sandwich in the Land. will bring you the latest campaign news, opinion polls and up-to-the-minute election results. Our cheesy PUNdits, the best grilled cheese political team on the web, will provide delicious, in-depth analysis of the candidates and the campaign. To download your Official Sample Ballot and Grilled Cheese Eater Instructions, click here.


0 #1 laura grace 2008-04-07 06:00
I like old-fashioned grilled cheese, thin-sliced white bread like the kind Pepperidge Farm used to make that none of us
can find anymore. A cheddar sliced thin, multiple slices sliced thin. And tomatoes,
also, sliced thin. Fried in butter, being careful not to get the butter too hot so the sandwich browns not burns. I know someone who puts butter inside the sandwich, too, but that's really intense.

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