Obama's Family Roots - KS

by Maria L. La Ganga

From the Los Angeles Times 

obamalatimes.jpg The candidate was at a loss for words Tuesday, which in this campaign is a rare occurrence.

Standing in a packed gym in wind-swept Midwest oil country, Barack Obama was trying to explain how he and the 72-year-old white woman in the audience, with her hair band and spangly blue cardigan, happen to be related.

Obama had traveled here to his grandfather's birthplace to make a point about humble beginnings and possibility, about unity and shared purpose, and he was using his family's roots in deeply Republican Kansas as an illustration. At least, he was trying to.

Something about the McCurry family and a woman named Ruth, Obama began, tentative. She "was my grandfather's aunt, right? My grandmother's first cousin? . . . We're going through my family tree, trying to figure it all out." 

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