Alive, Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic

by Libby Segal
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girlscoutcard"I'm alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic...I'm alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic--I'm alive, awake, alert--I'm alert, awake, alive--I'm alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic!" (Insert dance moves through entire song).

Since I went to girl scout camp in middle school (yes I'll admit that), this has been my morning mantra. I was recently reminded how important the days of sleep-a-way camp were for me, how they affected me, and how they shaped me. 

I spent several summers at Camp Mosey Wood in northern Pennsylvania forging friendships with people from all over the world. I remember meeting new friends from Maine, new friends from Virginia, new friends from Florida, and new friends from New York City. I remember meeting counselors from Ireland, England, and Australia. I remember asking the New Yorkers to teach me how to say Florida with a real New York accent. I remember staying up all night sharing ghost stories, and I remember sitting by the sides of home-sick campers and telling them jokes until they felt better.  Home-sickness seemed to be a violently contagious disease that laughter could cure. I should have known my life would revolve around laughter then.

I remember making bracelets from string. I remember tripping over rocks, and skipping stones across the water. I remember the first time I tipped over in my kayak and then pushed myself out to safety. I remember getting my period for the second time and being embarrassed. I remember girl talk late at night. I remember rock climbing on an indoor wall, picnicking at the top of a mountain, and going mud jumping after a thunderstorm. I remember conquering a ropes course and playing capture the flag. I remember capsizing a sailboat, rowing a boat, and canoeing under the beaming sun. I remember polar bearing swimming in the ice cold lake before breakfast and going on early morning fun runs. I remember white water rafting and on another occasion rolling my kayak in the river.  I remember adventure--and how I loved it--and how I still do. 

I remember keeping in touch--losing touch, and then reconnecting years later. 

I remember waking up this morning and feeling alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic.

Libby Segal is a New York City based associate producer, writer, stand up comedian, and the official Hobby Hoarder. Follow her adventures at


0 #1 Susan 2013-03-03 22:57
I so enjoyed reading of your times at Mosey Wood. I attended 2week sleep away, 3summers in a row. Starting in 1969. I have so many memories from camp. I stayed in bunny hollow,deer path and trails end. The year I was in bunny hollow, it rained and rained and we changed the name to muddy hollow.

We went swimming, had lunch in row boats in the middle of the lake, bug juice to drink- not sure what that was but we drank it, made a ring out of a peach pit, sang songs around the camp fires, hiked to the rocks and ate lunch. Met new friends and had great counslers,such as woody, dip, and mic. It was such a great part of my summer to be at camp and enjoying my self. At meal times to be the hopper, to do dishes or to sweep the mess hall.

Back then they would spin a wheel and depending on where you were sitting at diner would determine your job would be. To live in nature was so refreshing and enjoyable. Too bad we parents can not go back and enjoy camp again. My cousin and I went to camp together one year and it was totally different experience. The evenings when we all sang songs, did skits, and enjoying being with all of the campers.

We had one night where we had to make a song about our unit and I still have the original copy of it and I can not tell you what it means to still have it since 1971. Priceless as well as my memories. To go shopping at the trading post was fun and also getting mail from our families.

Camp Mosey Wood, you hold a very dear place in my heart and my childhood. Thank you for all of my wonderful memories within my child hood. I wish I had sent my daughter to you during her childhood so that she could have shared the fond memories which I have. I would love to come and visit the camp at some point.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for wonderful summers and memories which I now have.

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