No To-Mayan

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by Lucy Dahl

If indeed the Mayan belief is correct and December 20th was guaranteed to be my final supper, I would choose my menu with great excitement and freedom.

cav2Just the thought of the world coming to an end, generates a tantalizing excitement in my belly, the mere fact, that I could devour my most favorite delicacies without consequence, guilt or social shame!

Most of my favorite foods, or “Treats” as we call them at home, are all either endangered, illegal, incredibly expensive, or so fattening, that the pleasure of eating is ruined by the consequence.

Here is my menu –

Russian Beluga caviar, straight up – great big spoonful’s please!

Hot seared Fois Gras on a slice of toasted brioche.

Fresh orecchiette with soft poached quail eggs and lots of shaved white truffle.

Holiday Books--and some of them by our contributors!

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by The Editors

Perfect bed-time reading to and for kids
Gary Ross's enchanting and charming
Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind

Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind
Encyclopedia Paranoiaca

Just when you thought it was safe to eat bananas
and all the other thing in the world you should be paranoid about!
Chris Cerf's and Henry Beard's

Encyclopedia Paranoiaca

Magical realism, three enchanting women (aside from the fact that we already had a soft spot for lions and Delia Ephron)
Delia Ephron's

The Lion is In

The Lion is In

MORE BOOKS--Click Here!!

Slice of Heaven

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by Michael Tucker

porto-rico-coffee-300x199New York, sometimes you just step in it.

My shopping and Jill’s are very different animals – she buys cute little things for other people, whereas I buy food for myself. Well, other people will get some of it, too. I don’t eat alone. And grocery shopping in the Village – if you know where to go – is one of the great joys of living in New York City. All the stores I have in mind exist in time warps – as if they haven’t changed a bit since the early 1900’s – which is exactly the truth.

They are — each store – of Italian origin, family-owned-and-operated and scrupulously dedicated to a kind of hands-on, personal involvement in each transaction. They have pride in what they sell. We quickly dispensed with Jill’s shopping list – a gift certificate for a special restaurant, a scarf for me(!), some tchochkes (that’s Jewish for cheap, little crappy things) for drop-in gifts, the best of which is something called, “Uh Oh” — it’s a little box with a pair of emergency underpants inside — and then we set off for my shopping spree – first to Bleecker Street for a double espresso at the fabled Porto Rico Coffee Company store. Just step through the door and you shed a hundred years. A double espresso is crucial when one sets out on a shopping trip. It gives one focus, energy and a skittery sense of optimism. I also picked up a pound of their Cent’anni espresso beans for home consumption.

The Resilient Ones

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by Libby Segal

sandy1Darkness has flooded my room. I nervously try to avoid pressing power buttons on any of the number of electronics that surround me. Has the power gone out? Did we buy enough if it did? When will it come back on? I go to plug in my computer and to my dismay, the charge light comes on. Hurricane Sandy has completely spared my apartment building—and for the most part my neighborhood: Bushwick Brooklyn.

And I feel nothing but gratefulness for that—but sadness for all that I am seeing across the East River.

My friends on the Island are without power. Those in the lower east side, and most below 34th street- my fellow New Yorkers are too. The subways have flooded, the tunnels are closed, and homes have been destroyed. Cars are floating down the streets—the Brooklyn Bridge Park Carousel is now a submarin-o-sel, and a hospital was evacuated late in the night.

Upcoming Events

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by The Editors


Altered Egos, a retrospective exhibition of over 100 photographs by acclaimed Los Angeles-born portrait author and photojournalist Nancy Ellison. The exhibit opens Wednesday, March 20, and runs through June 1 in space B231, located on the second floor of the Blue Building.

This retrospective exhibition encompasses a lifetime of seeing through the narrow lens of a camera focused entirely on beauty may say more about Ellison than her subjects, as it always comes down to the eccentric choices of the one behind the camera. In Altered Egos, Nancy Ellison takes us offstage to reveal not only her characters’ magic and charisma but Ellison’s own private encyclopedic matrix of associations that her images evoke. However much this might be the case, her subjects for her represent sublime beauty, and she is clearly ecstatic when her camera finds seamless the worlds of glamour and make-believe. According to Ellison, "altered ego" implies a grandness of scale, worthy of both the ego and its enhancement in the course of capturing it.

The exhibition consists of 114 works spanning Ellison’s career shooting notable talent and personalities such as Pierce Brosnan, Jack Nicholson, Mick Jagger, Orson Welles, Sharon Stone, Sean Penn, the Honorable William Jefferson Clinton and former Secretary of State and Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Mitchum, Angelica Huston, Helen Mirren, Jeff Bridges, Jane Fonda, Jon Voight, Gianni Versace, Sting, Richard Gere, Pavarotti amongst others. Ellison’s iconic works from the American Ballet Theater are also included along with numerous still images she took on the sets of major Hollywood film studios.

For a Sneak Peek check out our Photo Gallery.

Design Lab at PDC is located on the second floor of the Blue Building and gallery hours are open Monday - Friday from 11:00am - 6:00pm or by appointment on Saturday.


restaurant news

by Laura Johnson

gelatofruit.jpg Just recently my mother asked me to pick up some vanilla ice cream she wanted to serve with a pie she had made. I came home with a gallon of 'Pet' vanilla ice cream. She asked me why, out of all...

Little Flower Candy Company
Los Angeles
by Laraine Newman

little_02_purchase.jpgI go to Pasadena often because my younger daughter’s cheer team practices there. Yes, I spawned a cheerleader because my parents don’t have enough to laugh about in heaven. It’s given me a chance...

Reel Dinner: Legal Sea Foods
by Kitty Kaufman

legal kendall 0684Come to Boston, eat fish. In Cambridge, Legal Sea Foods is in Kendall Square. In Boston, seek out the Legal that's in Copley Place (near Barneys) because you can nearly always get seated.


A Night at Angelus
London - British Isles
by Carolan Nathan

angelusLondon has become a mecca for great restaurants...contrary to the myth that has grown up probably due to ignorance and jealousy especially by the French and also by many Americans unfortunately. A...