Beer & Bailey's Extravaganza

by The Editors


With St. Patrick's Day on the way, we just had to share our favorite recipes made with two Irish staples: Guinness and Bailey's. Enjoy!

beerbaileysBeer Cheese Bread

Beer-Battered Green Beans
Clams Barbecued on the Half-Shell

Boozy Beef Chili
Guinness and Onion Soup
Beer and Aged Gouda Risotto

Barbecue Beer Ribs
Beer-Braised Corned Beef
Beef and Guinness Pie
Holly's Beer & Beef Stew

Bailey's Irish Cream Cake
Chocolate Guinness Cake
Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting
Chocolate Stout Pudding
Coffee and Irish Cream Fudge Bites
Guinness Stout Ginger Cake
Irish Coffee Cheesecake

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