Dora's Gefilte Fish

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Adapted from the classic Molly Goldberg's Cookbook. 

Chopped fish balls   

4 fish pound fillets (whitefish, pike or other fresh-water fish, 2 kinds if possible)
head and skins of fish
5 onions
4 teaspoons of salt 
1 and ahalf tsp white pepper
1 teaspoon sugar
2 eggs (beaten)
5 and a half cups of water
3 tbs matzoh meal or crumbled matzoh crackers
2 carrots sliced

Grind the fish and 1 onion in an old fashioned food chopped (or in a cuisinart).

Place in a wooden bowl, add 2 tsp salt three quarter tsp pepper. the sugar, eggs and a half cup of waer and the cracker meal.  Chop (or mix) until fine in texture and well-blended.

Place the fish head and skin in a deep saucepan.  Slice the remaining onions and place over them. 

Add the carrots, remaining water and remaining salt and pepper.  Bring to an active boil.  Shape the chopped fish into 2-inch balls between wet hands.  Carefully drop them into the saucepan. 

Cover and cook over low heat for 1 and a half hours.  Shake the saucepan frequently. 

Remove the fish balls carefully.  Strain the stock into a separate bowl and chill until jelled.  Serve the cold fish and the jelly with horseradish.



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