Leek & Saffron Broiled Oysters

by Lisa
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Sauté one julienned leek, just the white part, in butter till softened, add a  1/4 cup of sweet red peppers, cut also into julienne shape. Slowly cook these together. Add two teaspoons of saffron to this mixture, stirring till you can smell the saffron. Add 1/2 cup Champagne or White wine and let cook down till 3-4 tablespoons are left. Add 1 cup heavy cream and cook down till you have a  half cup. The sauce will be quite thick. Refrigerate till needed.

I allow 6 oysters per person. I put all my oysters on a cookie sheet and place it in a 400°F oven till they just open a small amount. This will not cook them, just warm them enough to be easy to open.

Pop the shells open, loosen the oyster and place the ready oysters on a new cookie sheet or metal platter which you have covered with 1/2 of kosher salt. After all the oysters are shucked, drain and strain 1/3 cup of the oyster liquid that is left and add that to the leek saffron sauce.

This will make it a perfect consistency. Spoon enough sauce over each oyster to cover and place under the broiler till you see little golden brown spots over the sauce. This happens fast,  stay at the oven till they are done...


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