Carole's Italian Meatloaf

by Lisa

My older sister could cook, she just did not enjoy it.  So I was the designated cook when I lived with my sister and niece.  Often, we would not have a lot to choose from so I would make things up to entertain my niece.  This recipe for meatloaf was one of those things.  Denice, who was six, could toast the bread for me; she could sprinkle the Parmesan, and she could help me knead (almost as much fun as mud pies!)  Then when her mommy got home from work as an E.R. nurse we would all have dinner.

Two pounds ground lean beef (or ground turkey)
1/4 pound lean ground pork (not pork sausage--this is optional)
1 4 oz. can tomato paste
Healthy sprinkle of oregano (two good shakes)
Lighter sprinkle of sweet basil (one shake)
Two eggs
One Tbls. fresh Garlic
1/2 small onion, finely chopped.
Two slices bread toasted
One Tbls brown sugar
Hefty sprinkle Parmesan cheese

Knead beef and pork together in large mixing bowl.  Break eggs into bowl and knead into
meat mixture.  Crumble toast into mixture.  Brown onion and garlic in sauce pan with a
tablespoon of olive oil.  Add to mixture.  Add all other ingredients.  Shape into a loaf
(or use a loaf pan).  Just before putting in oven, cover top of loaf with ketchup.  Bake
at 350°F for one hour.  Test to see if it's done.  You do not want it to be too pink.

Serve with garlic spinach and toast.  Mangia, mangia!


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