La Floridita Sandwiches

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This is a lot like a Monte Cristo but the Cuban version. 

1 egg
a couple tablespoons of milk
4 slices of bread (like Pepperidge Farm white bread which we can’t find anymore)
6 thin round bread and butter pickles
2 slices Swiss cheese
4 thin slices of ham
Olive oil and butter

In a bowl, whisk together the milk and egg.

Assemble sandwiches, a slice of bread ham, pickles, cheese, another slice of bread to top.

In a large skillet melt a tbs of butter and some olive oil.

Carefully dip sandwiches on each side in egg and milk mixture.

Fry until brown on both sides, add more butter or oil if needed. 

Cut each sandwich into 4 triangles and serve with fresh lemonade. 

Makes two sandwiches.

Adapted from:  The Latin Table by Fernando Saralegui



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